High-protein Snacks That Promote Brain Health The Most

Written by Robert J. Matthews

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As a protein that is slowly digested, cottage cheese is an excellent choice for a snack that supports cognitive function and keeps you feeling full.

Cottage Cheese

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An appetizing and nourishing snack can be achieved by combining the protein-rich.


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Bounty of nuts with the cognitive-enhancing properties of dark chocolate.

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Turkey jerky is a savory and satiating nibble made from lean protein that contains the essential amino acids for the brain.

Turkey Jerky

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Edamame, also known as young legumes, is a plant-based snack that is abundant in brain-healthy proteins, fiber, and other nutrients.


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Quinoa, being a complete protein, transforms into a delectable and cognitively stimulating nibble when incorporated with vegetables and a delicate dressing.

Quinoa Salad