About Us

PlayFITStayFIT was founded by Jason Gordon with one hope — to bring affordable fitness to the Roanoke Valley for kids. Jason is a K-5 elementary PE teacher and wanted to bring that passion to his own fitness classes.

PlayFITStayFIT began utilizing space from Ferguson Fitness and home made equipment in December of 2015. Offering workouts to children only, we began our journey. Using that time to build up, buy marketing material, equipment, and other items needed to run the business and 3 months later we launched in the upstairs of the Tanglewood Mall.

The Tanglewood Change

At Tanglewood, we began a strict schedule offering general fitness classes to the valley’s youth. With this going very well as a “kids only” gym, we evolved it to a family gym. This allowed the parents who were sitting and watching their kids to join in on the workout. This led us to needing more equipment, heavier weights, and to adapt our training program for a variety of levels. Being on the top floor of Tanglewood and having heavier weights hit the floor, it quickly became apparent that our classes needed to be on a bottom floor to not disturb our lower neighbors.

Moving to the bottom floor gave PlayFIT a rare opportunity to offer classes inside the mall at 5am because we had our own outside door. The “kids only” gym was unfortunately no more, but PlayFIT was still evolving. From that point forward, PlayFIT was able to sustain an adult and kids gym as our clientele continued to grow. In the Summer of 2017 the mall came under new management, and facing uncertainty PlayFIT moved from Tanglewood permanently.

Our Facility now resides at 2169 Bennington St. We offer over 30 small group fitness class times per week. We have 3 personal trainers who offer a wide variety of different skill sets. Free childcare is now available at our 4, 5, and 6pm classes Monday-Friday. Since our move, PlayFIT has also adopted a HIIT format to concentrate on high reps and low weight movements to maximize calorie burn, help with toning, weight loss, and overall fitness levels.

Our HIIT Gym Family

What makes our Roanoke HIIT gym & fitness classes different?? That is a simple answer, THE CLIENTS. We have the best clients any gym could ask for. They are welcoming, encouraging, and help take the stresses of joining a small group away. Our clients each have different backgrounds and stories on their “WHY”.

Support matters. And our mantra is to provide you as much support as possible as you solidify your healthy habits. Our trainers are very accessible to our clients, and offer consultations, as well as body composition tracking. At PlayFIT vs a “Big Box Gym” we are able to be accessible more often to our clients through text, messenger, and email. We make ourselves available for nutritional help, One on One training, fitness advice, home or vacation workouts, etc….

About Us:

Here at PlayFITStayFIT, we strive to help you maintain a healthy balance between your fitness goals and your life. That’s why we have created such a wide array of different workout options for you.

Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday: 5am and 4-7pm
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9:30am

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