Breakfasts That Are Good For A Large Group

1. Italian Sausage Breakfast Wraps: A Flavorful Start to Your Day

Dauna Harwood from Union, Michigan, shares a secret to kickstarting her husband’s day at 4 a.m. with a healthy breakfast. Dive into the deliciousness of Italian Sausage Breakfast Wraps, a convenient and tasty solution to busy mornings.

Preparing for the Week: Sunday Breakfast Prep Magic

Dauna’s strategic approach involves preparing half a dozen wraps on Sundays, stored in the fridge for easy grab-and-go mornings. Discover the art of balancing flavor and nutrition with these Italian Sausage Breakfast Wraps that promise to make mornings a breeze.

2. Black Bean & White Cheddar Frittata: A Fusion of Comfort and Zest

Aysha Schurman from Ammon, Idaho, introduces a breakfast delight that transcends traditional boundaries. The Black Bean & White Cheddar Frittata combines comfort and zest, offering a perfect start to the day or a quick dinner option.

Salsa Infusion: A Play of Flavors

Aysha recommends elevating the experience with lime salsa or adding a spicy kick with hot salsa or chipotle pepper. Unleash your culinary creativity with this frittata that promises a harmonious blend of textures and flavors.

3. Makeover Biscuits & Gravy: Guilt-Free Indulgence for Brunch

Ian Cliffe from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, tackles guilt associated with biscuits and gravy by offering a lighter, homemade recipe perfect for brunch guests. Experience the makeover that turns a classic comfort dish into a guilt-free delight.

Lightened Perfection: A Homemade Brunch Masterpiece

Ian’s recipe focuses on creating a lightened version of biscuits and gravy, providing a satisfying brunch experience without compromising on flavor. Join us in exploring the nuances of this guilt-free indulgence.

Breakfasts That Are Good For A Large Group

4. English Muffin Egg Sandwiches: A Symphony of Flavors in Every Bite

Amy Lloyd from Madison, Wisconsin, unveils a breakfast creation that captures the essence of a delicious combination—mushrooms, onions, peppers, and cream cheese. Delight in the savory experience of English Muffin Egg Sandwiches.

Creamy Harmony: Redefining Breakfast Sandwiches

Amy suggests omitting red pepper flakes for those seeking a milder taste. Let the creamy harmony of mushrooms, onions, peppers, and cream cheese redefine your breakfast sandwich expectations.

5. Basil Vegetable Strata: Tradition Meets Freshness in a Healthy Brunch Dish

Jean Ecos from Hartland, Wisconsin, shares a cherished strata recipe that has delighted her family for years. Immerse yourself in the healthy goodness of Basil Vegetable Strata, where fresh basil takes center stage.

Fresh Basil Boost: Elevating Brunch to New Heights

Jean’s strata stand out with the addition of fresh basil, providing a flavor boost that transforms this brunch dish into a culinary masterpiece. Join us in savoring the wholesome goodness of Basil Vegetable Strata.

6. Whole Grain Banana Pancakes: A Kid-Friendly Twist to Homemade Delight

Ally Billhorn from Wilton, Iowa, combines the love for banana bread with the joy of pancakes in her Whole Grain Banana Pancakes. Discover the convenience of freezing these delights for a special breakfast any day.

Pancake Joy: Freezing for Future Delights

Ally’s recipe offers a creative twist by turning beloved banana bread into a kid-friendly pancake form. Explore the joy of creating and freezing these pancakes for a delightful breakfast experience.

Breakfasts That Are Good For A Large Group

7. Spiced Apple Oatmeal: A Cozy Breakfast Solution for Busy Mornings

Teri Rasey from Cadillac, Michigan, presents a solution for busy mornings with her easy and apple-y Spiced Apple Oatmeal. Experience warmth and coziness with this quick and flavorful breakfast option.

Easy Apple-Y Goodness: A Cozy Morning Staple

Teri’s Spiced Apple Oatmeal ensures that your family can enjoy a warm and comforting breakfast, regardless of how hectic your mornings may be. Join us in embracing the simplicity and deliciousness of this breakfast staple.

8. Mustard Ham Strata: Bed-and-Breakfast Elegance in Your Kitchen

Dolores Zornow from Poynette, Wisconsin, shares a bed-and-breakfast classic that exudes elegance—Mustard Ham Strata. Uncover the simplicity and sophistication of this timeless breakfast dish.

Bed-and-Breakfast Charm: A Recipe Passed Down

Dolores received this recipe during a stay at a bed-and-breakfast, and now, she graciously passes it on to you. Immerse yourself in the charm and flavors of Mustard Ham Strata.

9. Overnight Brunch Casserole: Scrambled Eggs and Cheese Sauce Perfection

Candace Hesch from Mosinee, Wisconsin, brings a unique twist to the typical egg bake with her Overnight Brunch Casserole. Experience the richness of scrambled eggs combined with a cheese sauce for a creamy and delightful dish.

Scrambled Perfection: A Creamy Egg Bake Masterpiece

Candace’s casserole defies the norm by combining scrambled eggs with a luscious cheese sauce, resulting in a rich and creamy breakfast masterpiece. Join us in savoring the unique qualities of Overnight Brunch Casserole.

10. Yogurt & Honey Fruit Cups: A Refreshing Morning Delight

The Taste of Home Test Kitchen presents a refreshing combination of fresh fruit and creamy orange-kissed yogurt in Yogurt & Honey Fruit Cups. Watch this delightful treat disappear fast from your breakfast table.

Citrusy Harmony: A Fast-Vanishing Morning Treat

The combination of fresh fruit and orange-kissed yogurt ensures a harmonious blend of flavors. Join us in savoring the quick and delightful experience of Yogurt & Honey Fruit Cups.

11. Apple-Sage Sausage Patties: A Winning Combination for Your Freezer

Scarlett Elrod from Newnan, Georgia, introduces a winning combination—Apple-Sage Sausage Patties. The natural pairing of apple and sausage, enhanced with sage, results in standout patties perfect for freezing.

Freezer-Friendly Delights: Make-Ahead Convenience

Scarlett’s recipe allows for preparation ahead of time, offering freezer-friendly patties ready to be enjoyed whenever the craving strikes. Explore the convenience and deliciousness of Apple-Sage Sausage Patties.


Advancements in breakfast have the potential to transform your mornings into a gourmet adventure that is brimming with flavor, convenience, and the health benefits of whole foods. If you are searching for a quick alternative that you can grab and go or if you are making an elaborate brunch, these meals offer a great range of options that are perfect for all taste preferences. You can choose from any of these possibilities. You will be able to enjoy the pleasure of making exquisite mornings with the help of this collection of ideas for savory breakfast foods.

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